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Baru-baru ini saya kehilangan 3 anggota keluarga saya dalam waktu yang berdekatan. Pertama disebabkan karena kecelakaan kerja, dan yang lainnya krn bencana alam yang terjadi di Palu, Sulawesi Tengah. Sampai detik ini semuany masih terasa seperti mimpi, kadang saya berharap semua ini hanya mimpi buruk di siang bolong, dan setelah saya bangun semuanya baik-baik saja. Sampai detik ini pun, tiap kali saya mendengar suara ambulans, membaca, menonton, atwpun mendengarkan kembali cerita tentang kejadian di Palu rasanya langsung sesak nafas. Sebisa mungkin saya berusaha untuk menghindari itu semua, menghindari org2 yang penasaran dan meminta sebuah cerita/informasi dari sy/kami sekeluarga. Even now, i am endlessly crying, when writing it. 

I've read some of mm I called it "wise words" from people/person who has lost their family member.  Their words have given me a strength to face my nightmare. So I decided to share it. I wish that it can give strength to some of the people out there who feel the same way I feel. Even if it just a little strength.:

"To those people who lost their family members like me, be strong, this tragedy will never let us down but will make us get motivated that we have to always remember Allah and fight for Him until we leave this world. I know it's hard for all of us but we have to keep walking forward, because people may come and disappear in our lives. But know that Allah is there. Ask Him to heal your heart, grant you sabr and have faith in him. Allah knows what is best and He is the best planner.

Our loss has given me/us a lesson, that death comes anytime and truly the only person who can help you is only Allah. How we are when we die and we get to choose which kind of person we are. So live each day to the fullest, always be kind, help one another because you will need their help too. Always make do'a for your loved one, cherish him/her when they are around, be grateful to Allah always for what you have now for it/him/her be gone so sudden you never know. Make do'a for them is the only thing we can do because Allah is listening and will grant our do'a.

Whatever you feel just feel it.. feeling of losing. everything, just let it go. Its okay to be sad, it's a grief time that you have to face. If you wanna cry just let it out, no need to hold it, I am afraid that the healing process will take a long time. Just like what I felt when my dad passed away. Because of I held everything that I felt and I was trying not to cry in front of many people so the healing process needed a very long time. My dad always told me before he passed away that 'if you wanna cry just cry but not to 'meraung-raung'. So, guys, everything needs a process, its okay to be sad. Insha Allah, we will be 'ikhlas'  as the time goes by."

 In this time, I would like to say thank u you so much for those people who help me and my family in facing all of this problems. It means a lot to us. Thank u so much for you guys who have written all of those "wise words". Your words are a cure for my broken heart and it really inspires me a lot. 


PS: Remind your loved ones that you love them. You'll miss them when their presence is gone. May Allah will reunite all of us with our loved ones in His Jannah. Amin

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