Wonderful Trip with my besties :D

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This is my story about my experience on vacation at Kuala lumpur, Hatyai - Thailand and Singapore.
Got started from Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport to KL International Airport (KLIA) at the first, and my mind at the first sight to KLIA "actually my airport in my town more beautifull and best than it" :P
arrived at KL we have dinner and stayed at Putri Park Hotel...
at Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport
Lea - Aas - Me
and these all my travelling's equipments :)
s the first night at KL, i n friends really interested to go arround, so we go out from Hotel and looking outside,, yaah many cars in road looks small than cars in Indonesia, maybe to decrease the traffic jam, about an hour outside. we back at hotel and sleep tight because i don't have to wake up earlier to get subuh prayer tomorrow cause subuh prayer there at 07.00 o'clock (^_^)/

and at the second day my adventure begins with besties *syalalala*
first check out from hotel we went to University Kebangsaan Malaysia,KBRI and shopping at Sungei Wang *Jreeng* wanted for some Vinci. hihihihi, and than went to Petronas. as everybody knew petronas has a good tower to be a picture's backround. 
Universitas Kebangsaan Malaysia
after lunch

and tomorrow our adventure continue at Hatyai - Thailand.
First time arrived at hatyai, we go outside to have lunch (here, we have to carefully choose foods, to confirm that Halalan Toyyiban) so no wonder we always ate egg. huhu but we still try a main menu of Thailand, Tom yam at the moslem restaurant. along at Hatyai we spent the time to shopping and visited some pagoda or Buddha statues..
at the Buddha's Gold Statue

at The Royal Pagoda
 Buddha's place of worship is so high from the road and the statues were make at this mountain. we have to walked upstair so long for get the top, but the funniest thing, actually to get the top there's a shorcut. but we found the shorcut when we back from the top. hahha.Then we visited samila beach.

Tom and Jerry

samila beach

so after my adventure at Thailand, the long Journey was begun, next destination is Singapore and to get it we have to pass Malaysia.  

this pose taken at the border Malaysia and Singapore,
in the middle the handsome one is our best driver along the trip, named abang syam a.k.a syamsuddin but i always call him "mang udin" hehehe. he is funny, friendly and kind although his face little creepy :P

Finally we met Singapore.
first day here we went to arround Merlion and absolutely take lot of pictures here. hehhe. 
at Singapore our activities not different with at Hatyai, Shopping and take picture. we visited Mustafa, Bugis street and China Town.
at china town
at china town

Bugis street
- twins watch bought at Bugis street -
and especially one from Spore, we don't forget to visit SENTOSA ISLAND
everything there so made me wonder (katro*) hehhe 
toilet girls

 and our last night in Spore closed by watch "Song of the sea" the famous teatherikal there, collaboration between water and laser being a wonderfull view

kak agung my partner :D
 From Sentosa Island we back to Malaysia and in the morning we went Genting Highland.
we did hip hip hura again.. Subhanallah :)

as its name Genting Highland we have to got it by Gondola as long as 5 km from the bottom to the top of mountain. and at the top it felt so cold. Fog and rain scenery there. but we were so have fun here :))
at gondola
so cold and i'm not wearing jacket (stupid :D)

when this photo was taken, there is someone (bule) who wants to give me his money *LOL

 take some pictures at Sepang,,before we go back to Indonesia

and *taraaaaa* holiday ends and now back to the normal life :D

some text copied from: http://sagitautari.blogspot.com

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